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Hard Hat Cafe
Cold beverages are a Hard Hat specialty. With our broad selection of beers, liquors, wines, and our specialty cocktails there is something for everyone. If you are looking for an American classic to enjoy while you watch the game, like Bud Light or Sam Adams, or a local brew crafted to satisfy your thirst for something more, like Sea Hag IPA, the Hard Hat has you covered. For those gluten-careful individuals out there, Hard Hat has a wide selection of hard ciders - including two on tap: Angry Orchard and Stella Cidre." (Take a look at our extensive Beer list and our specialty cocktail menu below.)
Draft Abv. Origin
Bud Light 4.3 St. Louis, Missouri
Sam Adams Seasonal 5.3 Boston, Massachusetts
Stella Artois 5.2 Leuven, Belgium
Angry Orchard Cider 5.5 Cincinatti, Ohio
Guinness 4.0 Dublin, Ireland
Goose Island IPA 4.2 Chicago, Illinois
Sea Hag IPA 6.2 Woodbridge, Connecticut
Blue Moon 5.4 Golden, Colorado
Yuengling 5.4 Golden, Pensylvania
Blue Point Toasted Lager 5.4 Golden, Colorado
Draft Abv. Origin
Budweiser 5.0 St. Louis, Missouri
Bud Light 4.3 St. Louis, Missouri
Bud Light Lime 4.1 St. Louis, Missouri
Bud Platinum 6.0 St. Louis, Missouri
Amstel Light 3.5 Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
O’Doul’s 0.4 St. Louis, Missouri
Heineken 5.0 Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
Michelob Ultra 5.4 Golden, Colorado
Miller High Life 4.6 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Miller Lite 4.2 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Coors Light 4.2 Golden, Colorado
Sam Adams Boston Lager 4.8 Boston, Massachusetts
Sam Adams Light 4.1 Boston, Massachusetts
Becks 4.8 Bremen, Germany
Corona Extra 4.6 Mexico DF, Mexico
Corona Light 3.7 Mexico DF, Mexico
Newcastle Brown Ale 4.7 Tadcaster, England
Pabst Blue Ribbon 4.7 Woodridge, Illinois
Stella Cidre 4.5 Leuven, Belgium
Angry Orchard 5.0 Cincinnatti, Ohio
Redbridge 5.5 St. Louis, Missouri
Other Selections
Specialty cocktail available, ask your server.    
Twisted Tea 5.0 Cincinnatti, Ohio
Mike’s Hard Lemonade 5.0 Chicago, Illinois
Mike’s Mango Lemonade 5.0 Chicago, Illinois
Mike’s Black Cherry 5.0 Chicago, Illinois
Mike's Cranberry Lemonade 5.0 Chicago, Illinois
Mike’s Lime 5.0 Chicago, Illinois
White Zinfandel  
Pinot Grigio  
Sauvignon Blanc  
Red Blend  
Deep Eddy's Assorted Flavors 5.4 Austin Texas
Ciroc Vodka   France
Ciroc Coconut Vodka   France
Ciroc Berry Vodka   France
Ciroc Peach Vodka   France
Tito’s Handmade   Vodka Austin, TX
Angry Orchard Cider 5.5 Cincinatti, Ohio
Stella Cidre 4.5 Leuven, Belgium
Angry Orchard 5.5 Cincinnatti, Ohio
Redbridge 4.8 St. Louis, Missouri